Approved Glossary for Saline Water Conservation Corporation (SWCC), Saudi Arabia

SARI-Lebanon develops and compiles technical glossaries in English and Arabic in most fields of science, industry, engineering, technology, economics, finance and environment. Our services can cover a specific project or a special requirement of the client. These glossaries may be employed as references, training tools or even published.

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Main Topics

Cyclotron Road seeks to take technologies out of the lab and move them into the marketplace. (Courtesy photo)
يسعى مشروع سيكلوترون رود في الولايات المتحدة إلى نقل التكنولوجيات من المختبر إلى السوق (Courtesy photo)

Political Systems Gender Equality Advertising
Venture Capital Health Care Administration
Women’s Rights Information Technology African Alternative Energy
Arab Politics Business Climate Change
Wildlife Islamic doctrine Consumer Products
Website Localization Islamic law Culture and Heritage
Water Treatment Islamic radicalism Cutting-edge Technology
Terrorism and Jihadism Legal Systems Demographics
Telecommunications Life Sciences Eco-Systems
Technology and Research Management System Education and training


Technical Glossaries Marketing Techniques Energy Efficiency
Sustainable Development Mass media Entrepreneurship
Software Localization Medical Research Environment and
Social media Mobile Applications Finance and investment
Religious law Multimedia Systems Global Trade
Poverty Alleviation NGOs and Non-profits Governance